Apr 22, 2024

Rittal has a new AX three-part wall-mounted enclosure

The all-rounder for industry and IT

Whether to protect control systems in tough manufacturing environments or network applications in offices – or even a combination of both: the new Rittal AX three-part wall-mounted enclosure can handle all requirements. The multi-purpose enclosure connects industry and IT, as required, and also provides myriad benefits for planners, plant manufacturers and operators. They include fast selection, flexible installation and expansion, ease of accessibility, and paperless equipment and system documentation.

The three-part enclosure concept – consisting of a wall section, a middle section and a door with a large viewing window – can be opened like a fan. The interior is therefore accessible from all sides.

The AX three-part wall-mounted enclosure, which consists of a wall section, a middle section and a design door with a large viewing window, can be opened like a fan giving plant manufacturers unimpeded access to the interior of the enclosure. Installations and conversions using the extensive range of Rittal system accessories, or maintenance work can thus be carried out easily, quickly, and conveniently. At the same time, the lockable handle guarantees excellent protection against unauthorised access.

Individual cable entry profiles in the wall section are made using gland plates through the upper or lower side. The sealed gland plates supplied can be replaced with gland plates with brush strips or gland plates with metric knockouts. Inside the wall section, a mounting plate can be used to expand the enclosure with system components. Alternatively, the U-profile perforated mounting strip and VX system punchings provide for the flexible expansion of the wall section along a 25-mm pitch pattern with punched sections and mounting flanges. The middle section of the enclosure provides maximum flexibility for expansion with IT components, including switches, patch cables, and much more. This is due to the 19" mounting level that can be rotated around at 180°, the depth of which can be adjusted using the VX system chassis. Climate control components, such as the Rittal fan-and-filter unit, can also be installed on the sides of the middle section, as required.

The 19" mounting angle can be flexibly used in the middle section, depending on the installation depth required.

Digital wiring plan pocket always to hand

The paperless Rittal ePOCKET system documentation ensures up-to-date access to all key data. As in every Rittal enclosure, this digital wiring plan pocket can be accessed using a QR code. This offers plant manufacturers and operators effortless access to the Eplan Cloud. Inspections and information exchange can thus be carried out quickly and efficiently.

The all-round optimised Rittal AX three-part wall-mounted enclosure replaces its predecessor, the EL model.