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Efficient machine and process cooling with the Blue e+ chiller range

Blue e+ chillers can significantly boost your energy efficiency, thanks to their speed-controlled components. This innovative drive and control technology allows you to achieve energy savings of up to 70% compared with recoolers with a hot gas bypass control. Another new feature is the compact microchannel technology in the heat exchanger (condenser). Due to the increased surface area for heat exchange between the refrigerant and ambient air relative to the volume, the quantity of refrigerant needed is reduced by up to 55%.

Technology that makes all the difference

Energy efficiency thanks to DC inverter technology

Groundbreaking climate control.

  • Active cooling circuit with speed-controlled components for demand-based liquid cooling
  • High control accuracy thanks to demand-based DC inverter technology with two control modes
  • Pumps with highly efficient IE3 motors
  • Inverter-controlled radial fan

Environmentally friendly.

  • Thanks to the use of microchannel technology, refrigerant is reduced by up to 55%.

Transparent efficiency comparison.

  • Optimised Energy Efficiency Ratio (ratio of cooling output to electrical power used) of 2.41 (measured in accordance with DIN EN 14511).

Maximum flexibility

One device for all voltages and networks, suitable for worldwide use thanks to DC inverter technology

Suitable for worldwide use:

  • 380-415 V, 3~, 50 Hz
    440-480 V, 3~, 60 Hz
  • Wide application range from -5 °C to +50 °C
  • Flexible output control (20-100%)

International approvals and certifications:

  • cULus Listed
  • CB-Report
  • UKCA
  • EAC

Assembly and installation:

  • Compact, modular design for a minimised footprint (0.29 m²)
  • Handles for convenient transporting and positioning
  • Eyebolts for easy mounting
  • Comprehensive range of accessories

Central, efficient liquid cooling with a high level of temperature accuracy:

  • Precise temperature control (± 0.5 K) is pre-integrated as standard
  • Longer service life thanks to component-friendly cooling

Integrated safety functions create enhanced operational reliability:

  • Flow sensor: The flow sensor measures the actual flow rate. Additional functionality includes evaluation of energy efficiency and early detection of hydraulic faults (contamination or blockages in the system).
  • Fill level monitoring: Fill level monitoring maximises operational reliability for increased plant availability and up-time. Signalling is via the touchscreen display.
  • Overflow valves: The integrated overflow valves maintain a constant circulation of cooling water whenever equipment is connected and the pump is running.

Simple maintenance and repair:

  • Modular design for optimised availability of all components
  • A worldwide service network and global availability of spare parts: Rapid response times are guaranteed, with 150 service locations and more than 1,000 service experts worldwide.
  • Lower storage and logistics costs
  • Remote access via the IoT interface for maintenance/initial appraisal of the system

Easy to use with industry-grade touchscreen display:

  • Fast configuration and plain text system messages
  • Interactive menu guidance and navigation in 21 languages
  • Fast data availability

Fast project planning:

  • All data and macros (P8/Fluid) are available in the EPLAN Data Portal (ePulse)
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  • All design drawings available in Cadenas
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Smart interfaces:

  • Rittal Scan & Service app: Rapid on-site diagnosis
  • IoT interface: Remote monitoring
  • RiDiag III: Device status analysis via USB for service engineers

Digital benefits for a smaller carbon footprint

Add value by thinking holistically – Blue e+ S chillers help your processes run even more smoothly with smart apps & services.

Connect your smartphone to the chiller via NFC to transmit the unit's data, or scan the QR code to see all relevant product information at a glance:

  • Faster configuration and commissioning of your chillers
  • Create and send service messages
  • Generate and send wish lists of accessories and spares

The IoT interface is a central component for smart networking of Rittal cooling solutions or sensors used to monitor ambient conditions. Equipped with a wide range of interfaces and protocols, it collates and transmits data to high-level IT systems or systems for local monitoring of machine conditions and health.

  • More efficient, by ensuring optimised integration of cooling units, Blue e+ chillers and sensors into Industry 4.0 applications
  • Faster, thanks to seamless communication from the sensor to the cloud
  • More reliable, by linking to high-level monitoring or energy management systems

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Our chiller solutions open up a wide range of application possibilities.
Preconfigured options mean shorter delivery times and a more streamlined ordering process.

Achieve maximum efficiency with "outdoor" and "free cooling" options.

The "outdoor" option enables outdoor siting of the chiller

  • Optional weather protection with UV-resistant spray finish and protected touch display
  • Enclosure made from aluminium with a protection category of IP54 to protect against environmental influences such as dust, dirt and humidity
  • Wide application range from -20 °C to 45 °C
  • Integrated heater for pre-heating of the medium

The carbon footprint is reduced by up to 90% with the additional use of the "free cooling" option.

  • The component-friendly hybrid cooling system can improve energy efficiency still further (particularly with outdoor siting, where a high Delta T can be achieved during the winter months).
  • Guaranteed compliance with the Ecodesign Directive (SEPR of 6.6 > 3.2% with free-cooling option)

The free cooler option may be used with the standard enclosure or in combination with the outdoor option.

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Our chillers deliver the energy you need for energy transition

Chiller applications for the electromobility and hydrogen industry (H₂O)

Applications such as High Power Charging (HPC) for electric cars, hydrogen refuelling stations for fuel cell vehicles and cooling systems for battery stores all need active cooling, which a chiller can provide. By additionally equipping these chillers with a free cooler, significant energy and CO₂ savings are achievable. The electricity used for cooling is then green.

Benefits of efficient liquid cooling

Rittal Blue e+ chillers

  • Specifically designed for the outdoor sector and ideal for these types of applications
  • These energy-efficient chillers help reduce your carbon footprint and are networkable and suitable for remote monitoring
  • Even the standard version includes precise temperature control (± 0.5 K)


Proven savings potential with leading technologies.

Lang GmbH

Energy consumption per machine has now been halved

CNC milling and engraving machines from Lang GmbH are in use all over the world. Similarly, energy efficiency and sustainability are also in demand worldwide. Thanks to Rittal’s Blue e+ chillers, mechanical engineering company Lang has taken an...

Bosch Rexroth

Fifty percent less energy consumption

You should never underestimate the energy consumption of machine tools: cooling enclosures and spindles for instance account for more than 15 per cent of it. A test installation in a CNC lathe at Bosch Rexroth demonstrated that the new Rittal Blue e+...

„We are genuinely impressed by the energy efficiency of the Blue e+ chiller. It has enabled us to reduce our energy consumption by 50 per cent compared with a similar competitor product. We also appreciate its easy accessibility for servicing work.“

Jonathan Bechez, Refrigeration Engineering Consultant at the Renault Le Mans plant

„We were genuinely impressed by the outstanding energy efficiency of the new Rittal Blue e+ chillers, which is a significant improvement on predecessor versions.“

Alexander Saar, Managing Director of AXA

„In our direct comparison of the new Blue e+ chiller with a hot gas bypass unit, the EER increased from 2.62 to 4.49. In percentage terms, this equates to an impressive 71.37%. Over an operating period of 5,000 h, this means energy savings of more than 2,400 kWh, or a cost saving of €410.“

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Julian Müller, Research Assistant at the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University for Applied Sciences

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