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Optimising panel building and switchgear manufacturing processes

Joining forces to add value

Complex made simple – the guiding principle that makes Eplan and Rittal perfect partners for you. Our solutions speed up your processes and boost your productivity. We optimise and streamline your value chain at every stage in the process – from engineering, sourcing and manufacturing through to operations and IT. We enable you to emerge as a winner from the industrial transformation towards the new Industry 4.0 standard

Our aim is to have already developed the solutions our customers will need in the future and to have them ready and waiting.

Together, Rittal and Eplan are your partners for the future.

Because our thinking is in sync with your processes.

Considering the entire process is a winning strategy

Rittal and Eplan use combined software solutions, system technology and machinery for automation. Only switchgear manufacturers who offer digitalization and end-to-end data across all processes and systems will survive in the future. Together, Rittal and Eplan are at your side with their combined know-how and perfectly coordinated solutions – from engineering and sourcing through to manufacturing and operations.


The key to greater productivity in enclosure manufacturing lies in digital integration and end-to-end data transfer throughout the entire value chain. Digital prototyping from the outset, with the digital twin taking centre stage, provides the basis for rapid links across processes and systems.


Never has it been easier to configure and order your perfect product and get it delivered in no time at all. Our configuration and online shop solutions are closely interlinked with digitally integrated production at the new Rittal plant. Your company’s own value chain will also benefit from end-to-end data during the sourcing process and beyond.


Benefit from the fully automated machinery and innovative automation solutions of Rittal and Rittal Automation Systems in your manufacturing operations. The digital twin from the engineering stage courtesy of Eplan serves as a virtual prototype and a central database throughout the production process.


After commissioning, machines and systems must ensure reliable long-term operation as the key to efficient, high-performance production. Here, too, Eplan and Rittal are at your side with innovative solutions.

Your added value: End-to-end data is the real success factor, saving time and money in your value creation process, preventing errors and leading to a lasting improvement in productivity. At the heart of all this is the digital twin of the actual product, which links all process steps – from electrical engineering through to service operations. Products from Rittal and Eplan provide comprehensive support at every stage of the entire process – from engineering, sourcing and manufacturing through to operations and IT. They enable you to reap the rewards of successfully completing the transformation to Industry 4.0.

Rittal provides tailored IT and OT solutions for the data required and generated during the production process. These range from modular, scalable system architecture and energy-efficient data centres with innovative security concepts for physical data and system backups all the way through to edge cloud data centres in the actual production environment that combine data sovereignty and real-time capabilities with AI-based applications. Wherever industry and IT are growing closer, Rittal has the perfect solution.

Our aim is to already have the answers to the questions you are yet to ask, and to already offer the solutions you are soon going to need.

Digital value creation with data sovereignty

Medium-sized manufacturers are facing growing demands. Production data needs to be available in real time and data volumes are increasing exponentially. Our focus is always on the security of your data, so we offer innovative Rittal enclosure solutions, our own cloud solutions operated and hosted in Germany, and edge computing with ONCITE, including IIoT software solutions such as the industrial track-and-trace data model to digitalize value chains. Find out more about our IT ecosystem – from industry for industry.

"Smart Engineering and Production – Efficiency in panel building“

The starting gun was sounded five years ago: EPLAN, Rittal and Phoenix Contact founded a technology cooperation for panel building and switchgear manufacturing – “Smart Engineering and Production 4.0”. Its goal was the integrated digitisation of engineering and production processes. Today, this vision has become tried and tested solutions that open a path to industrialisation for companies. These solutions are used day after day and ensure an efficient value creation process, underscoring one thing that runs through engineering to manufacturing to sales and service: absolute, end-to-end data continuity based on a single source of truth.

The integrated value chain in practice


La inversión garantiza la competitividad

El fabricante de armarios de distribución cumple con los requisitos del cliente para unos plazos de entrega más cortos con la automatización en el taller.

Bauer Systeme

Datos de calidad desde el principio

Automatización integral y la consecuente digitalización de todos los procesos como factores de éxito en la fabricación de armarios de control y de distribución.

Elektro Löscher

Automatización en una empresa de ocho personas

Un pequeño taller artesanal invierte en soluciones de automatización de Rittal Automation Systems y gana nuevos clientes.

Bauer Systeme

Datos de calidad desde el principio

Automatización integral y la consecuente digitalización de todos los procesos como factores de éxito en la fabricación de armarios de control y de distribución.

Fill Gesellschaft m.b.H

Mecanizado homogéneo de armarios de distribución con Perforex

En Fill GmbH, todas las señales apuntan hacia la digitalización. La empresa cuenta con el respaldo de las soluciones de Eplan y Rittal.

Gartner Elektrotechnik

Crecimiento gracias a un mecanizado automático de los armarios de distribución

Gartner Elektrotechnik lo tenía claro: para crecer es necesario invertir en las personas, la infraestructura y las máquinas. Esta es la razón por la que este fabricante de sistemas de la Alta Austria puso en marcha el centro de mecanizado láser en 3D...