Liquid cooling

  • Air/water heat exchanger, wall-mounted
    Air/water heat exchanger, wall-mounted

    For mounting on the wall or any sufficiently large vertical surface. Cooling output 0.3 kW – 7 kW. Protection category IP 55 as standard. Cooling output 0.65 kW and 1.2 kW also available in IP 56/59 for hygienically sensitive production areas in the food and beverage industry.


  • Air/water heat exchangers roof-mounted
    Air/water heat exchangers roof-mounted

    For mounting on the roof surface. Cooling output 1.87 kW – 4 kW. Protection category IP 55 as standard. Particularly suitable for use in harsh environments. Flexible water connection options.


  • Liquid Cooling Package LCP Rack Industry
    Liquid Cooling Package LCP Rack Industry

    Air/water heat exchanger, easily bayable, for the VX25 baying system in a compact design for dissipating high heat loads of up to 10 kW.


  • Chillers

    Centralised, efficient cooling and supply of the cooling medium (generally water). Chillers are used for particularly high heat loads. A single pipeline system takes care of all cooling tasks on the system or machine. Cooling output 1 kW – 48 kW. Cooling output 1 kW – 6 kW, also available in energy-efficient Blue e+ technology.


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