World's first.

The Blue e+ cooling unit series – the ultimate in efficiency. Worldwide.

What is the basis of Blue e+?

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Blue e+ features Output class 1,600 W

New output class
1,600 W

A revolution in energy efficiency through innovative hybrid technology.

Heat pipe technology.

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Future-proof climate control.

  • Active cooling circuit with speed-regulated components for demand-based cooling
  • Integrated heat pipe for passive cooling

Energy efficiency at a glance.

  • Energy Efficiency Ratio: the standard KPI
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: reflecting actual consumption

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The e+ Principle.

Energy efficiency through hybrid technology.

Ambient temperature above enclosure internal temperature

Ambient temperature equal to enclosure internal temperature

Ambient temperature below enclosure internal temperature

Hybrid technology:
Pioneering climate control.
  • Average energy savings of 75%
  • Active cooling circuit with speed-regulated components for demand-based cooling
  • Integral heat pipe for passive cooling
  • Constant temperature inside the enclosure
  • Component-friendly cooling for a longer service life

Energy savings
up to 75%

Work out how much
you could save.

Energy efficiency calculator

Proven savings potential
with leading technologies.

Performance comparison video

TopTherm Plus


The first cooling units with nano-coating and integrated electric condensate evaporators.

Blue e


The first cooling units with EC fans and Eco-mode control.

Blue e+


The first cooling units with integrated heat pipes and speed-regulated refrigerant circuit.

Maximum flexibility
with multi-voltage capability.

One device for all supply voltages and networks.

Multi-voltage capability video

Suitable for worldwide
use with:

  • 110–230 V, 1~, 50/60 Hz
  • 240 V, 2~, 50/60 Hz
  • 380–480 V, 3~, 50/60 Hz

Reduced complexity saves effort and storage space.

  • One standard model, one range of spare parts
  • Lower storage and logistics costs

Versatility through
standard assembly.

Easy assembly.

  • A single version for external, partial internal and full internal mounting
  • Standardised installation cut-outs for multiple output categories
  • Maintenance-friendly filter mat replacement

Rapid assembly.

  • Handles for convenient transport and positioning
  • Eyebolts for easy mounting

Thermal management protects components
and extends their service life.

Guaranteed constant temperature
inside the enclosures.

IoT interface

  • For linking Blue e+ cooling units and Blue e+ chillers to the customer's own monitoring, energy management and/or superordinate systems
  • Analysis and parametrisation
  • Device data can be supplied in most standard protocols
  • Generate your own dashboards and analyses
  • Attaches to the top hat rail or to the cooling unit itself

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“Rittal’s inspection revealed significant savings potentials for our plant.”

Helmar Bencker, Plant Engineering & Environment Manager at Ford in Cologne

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“The new Blue e+ cooling units will cut PMI’s annual energy costs by 55,000 euros.”

Christian Lefherz, the supervisor responsible for electronic support and maintenance at PMI’s Berlin facility

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“Rittal provides both the enclosures and the compatible cooling technology with a high level of reliability. Due to the high demand, we currently have production throughput times of just four weeks. This means that having a supplier of end-to-end systems like Rittal is very important for us.”

Ludwig Dinkloh, Manager Global Product Management at Wedeco

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“We are always motivated to help genuine innovations make a real breakthrough.”

Philippe Demarque, Project Manager, Nestlé PTC Orbe

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