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energy storage systems

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Our expertise for your energy

The efficiency of any system powered by renewable energy depends to a large extent on whether the energy can be stored. Only then will it still be possible to use the power generated even if the wind is not blowing, the sun is not shining or there is no biogas available. Rittal has the right system solutions to meet these storage tasks, be it for a photovoltaic system in a private residence, or an industrial-scale solar farm.


Compact and effective:

  • Wall-mounted enclosures and floor-standing enclosures with high protection categories and international approvals
  • Configured with heavy-duty shelves and 482.6 mm (19˝) system technology
  • Perfect, efficient climate control – with climate control components precisely tailored to your required output. From simple fan-and-filter units, to cooling units, to chillers with a cooling output of up to 450 kW.

 Modular and flexible:

  • Bayed enclosure systems support flexible, infinite baying
  • High protection category and international approvals
  • UL-tested busbar systems
  • Optimum climate control even at high heat losses
  • Perfect integration into a standard container if required


Reliable distribution:

  • ISV distribution enclosures for reliable power distribution at all building levels
  • Design verification to IEC 61 439
  • Choice of devices from many different manufacturers, including: ABB, Eaton, General Electric, Mitsubishi, Schneider Electric, Siemens and Terasaki


Brochure "Your Home4Energy"

Optimum configuration

Secure, robust enclosure solutions are crucial when it comes to “Home4Energy”. To ensure that everything is perfectly tailored to your specific requirements, we have a range of configuration solutions to suit everyone. Our extensive modular system allows us to meet almost any challenge in a short space of time. Please contact us for advice.

Our services:

  • Planning and project management
  • Design, calculation, verification
  • Components system technology
  • Virtual enclosure layout
  • Documentation
  • Delivery and service

Compact solutions for residential buildings

In this field, a compact design, absolute safety and an attractive appearance stand in the foreground. The Rittal solution adapts seamlessly to the local circumstances. Irrespective of whether a wall-mounted or free-standing solution is required, Rittal supplies the matching enclosure. Ideally engineered and in ultimate series quality.

Flexible solutions for industry

In industrial applications, flexibility and scalability play a major role. This is where the TS 8 baying systems are able to play out their strengths. Practically no limits are placed on the energy storage capacity, thanks to the sheer endless baying possibilities and integration into a standard container. Optimum climate control matched to the individual installation conditions – that goes without saying.

Rittal Therm – Precise and effi cient climate control

Rittal Therm takes care of otherwise complex calculations of the required climate control output and generates an appropriate selection of products.

Rittal RiCAD 3D – Greater efficiency in system design

Whichever CAD system you use, RiCAD 3D helps you to maximise the efficiency and productivity of your plant design work. It includes both 2D and 3D drawings for virtually all Rittal products, together with an extensive range of system accessories.

Brochure "Your Home4Energy"

Enhancing your safety

Enclosures serve not only to protect the installed electrical equipment against environmental influences. They also ensure the safety of persons living and working in their immediate vicinity, for example as protection against the risk of electric shocks. The demands placed on these protective and safety functions are defined for different sites, branches and applications in corresponding standards, guidelines and approval conditions. These specifications form the basis for numerous tests and verification procedures which must be passed to demonstrate the conformity of an enclosure. One of the best-known classifications for enclosures is the IP protection category to IEC 60 529, i.e. protection against the ingress of foreign objects, dust and water. To guarantee the constant quality of such protection also in the longer term, a standardised manufacturing and coating process is imperative.

International approvals and certifications:

Rittal products boast a wealth of internationally recognised approvals and certifications and comply with the most exacting and globally recognised quality standards.

  • All components are subjected to the most stringent testing in accordance with international standards and regulations
  • The consistently high product quality is ensured by a comprehensive quality management system
  • Regular production inspections by external test institutes guarantee compliance with global standards

Worldwide at your service:

Round the clock. Around the globe. The smooth running and uninterrupted operation of your equipment, systems and IT environments is always a key concern – from the very beginning and wherever you are.

We have thus devised a service package to ensure that “Rittal – The System.” meets your requirements in every respect:

  • Hotline on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Guaranteed response times after receipt of a fault notification
  • Graduated service packages
  • Global maintenance and spare parts service


Brochure "Your Home4Energy"

Firmly anchored on the market

Rittal is well established in the market for energy storage solutions. And the best proof of that is undoubtedly a list of references with leading names from across the sector. Put our promise to the test. We would be pleased to elaborate on the optimum solution for your energy storage needs.