Supfina Grieshaber: product-specific design intelligently combined with standard components

Machine developers are paying increasing attention to design aspects. The main imperatives are ease of operation, a reduced footprint, and lower system costs. The best innovations intelligently combine inexpensive standard components and product-specific design elements. A stand-out solution based on this principle is the Planet V double-disk grinder by surface-finishing specialist Supfina Grieshaber. The machine incorporates enclosure technology from Rittal.

“By offering integrated solutions that combine enclosures, cooling and power distribution systems, we ensure that all components are mutually compatible. At the same time, we reduce our organisational overheads.” Thomas Harter, Product Manager at Supfina Grieshaber

Outsourcing enclosure infrastructure

Planet V’s infrastructure components include standard products from the Rittal – The System portfolio. Rittal is Supfina Grieshaber’s chief supplier of enclosure, cooling and power-supply equipment. Unlike traditional machine configurations, the Planet V’s electrical systems are not located within the machine, but housed externally – in TS 8 standard enclosures with a matching design. The infrastructure sourced from Rittal comprises five TS 8 units, an integrated fluid-based cooling solution from the LCP range, a standard heat exchanger from the TopTherm family of chillers, and a RiLine60 bus bar system.

Custom machine layouts supported

By externalising the enclosure infrastructure, Supfina Grieshaber is now better able to fulfil customer-specific requirements – particularly in terms of plant layout and footprint. This way, the machine manufacturer has greater flexibility in shaping the necessary footprint by using bayed enclosures. Rittal enclosures can easily be integrated into new or existing production lines. Improved machine accessibility for loading and retooling is a further benefit.

Integrated system solution

Another special feature of the machine concept is the fact that the entire liquid-based cooling technology is integrated in the TS 8 enclosure system. Thanks to Rittal’s “Liquid Cooling Package (LCP) Industry” – a climate control enclosure with an air/water heat exchanger - power losses in the enclosure can be dissipated economically and safely. Another unique feature of the solution is that fluid-based cooling technology is fully integrated into the TS 8 enclosures. Liquid Cooling Package (LCP) Industrial from Rittal – a climate control unit with an air/water heat exchanger – reliably and cost-effectively dissipates heat from enclosures. Operation of LCP Industrial requires the installation of a water supply (inlet and return) and a chiller to cool the water at the heat exchanger. In opting for a TopTherm chiller, Supfina Grieshaber again selected a Rittal solution that integrates with the TS 8 platform. The use of a fluid-based cooling circuit with just one compressor plays a major role in boosting Planet V’s overall energy efficiency.