Laboratory-tested quality

"Test the Best"

Rittal quality management, transcending all borders

As the application areas for innovative Rittal products become ever more diverse, the requirements grow ever more complex.

Only consistent quality management can ensure the on-going improvement of products, services and internal processes. In this way, Rittal's partners benefit from consistently high standards, perfect fulfilment of their expectations, and the opportunity for the unrestricted use of all products worldwide.

The consistent Rittal quality philosophy results in internationally recognised certifications such as DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

The responsible handling of valuable resources and protection of man and the environment play a key role in certification. For this convincing interlinking of economy and ecology, Rittal has received certifications to DIN EN ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

The global yardstick for the highest product standards

Implementation of our consistent quality philosophy results in internationally recognised certifications. Alongside comprehensive product certifications to global standards and the accreditation of our quality laboratory by DAR (German Accreditation Council) and Underwriters Laboratories UL, the Rittal quality management system has been implemented globally and also has worldwide certification by the German organisation DQS. This means that we have fulfilled our goal of providing our partners, wherever they happen to be in the world, with a consistently high standard of service and the same excellent products.

Test methods

Putting quality to the test – customer-centric, practical, and in keeping with the latest state of the art!

Every day, enclosure and case systems from Rittal must prove afresh in our in-house quality laboratory that they offer maximum customer benefits based on uncompromisingly high standards.

  • Perfect shielding at all times

    Rittal products in the EMC test laboratory

  • Ice-cold

    Simulation of extreme climatic conditions in heat and cold chambers

  • Stable conditions

    Mechanical load test with compression and tensile forces

  • Accurate to the last thousandth of a millimetre

    3D measurement

  • Dust doesn't stand a chance

    Particle seal testing to EN 60529, IP 54 and IP 64

  • Full contact

    Testing of PE conductor connection and insulation resistance to EN 50298

  • A waterproof affair

    Hosed water test to EN 60529 or UL 50

  • High precision

    Of course, quality extends to production as well