Smart ideas for faster assembly

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The TS 8 enclosures from Rittal have now special punch patterns at a distance of 100 mm in their vertical profiles that permit the easy and fast positioning of fitted devices.

2012-12-03. By revising its TS 8 enclosure system, Rittal has significantly increased the assembly efficiency of its globally successful bayed enclosure. A variety of astute innovations to speed up the assembly of accessory components is now saving control and switchgear manufacturers a great deal of time and money. The development includes new positioning aids, one-person assembly, tool-free clip fastenings and new assembly spaces.

The potential for improving enclosures is not yet exhausted. Especially when it comes to interior installation, Rittal offers its customers new intelligent assembly solutions that allow major time and cost savings in control system and switchgear manufacture. Recently, the manufacturer has further optimized the assembly efficiency of its TS 8 enclosure system platform – and thus of its new SE 8 compact enclosure system – by developing a large number of practical innovations.

The vertical profiles of the TS 8 enclosures now have special punch patterns at 100-mm distances that permit fitted devices to be easily and quickly positioned. There is no longer any need to use a tape measure to find the right height. In addition, these new system punchings can be used for attaching fittings with M8 self-tapping screws without any need to drill.

In addition, the mounting plate can now be installed even more comfortably by one person. A new type of clip ensures that the mounting plate is held securely once it has been introduced. This means the fitter now has both hands free to then fasten it with a screw. This new way of attaching the mounting plate holder means it can be positioned quickly and safely without any tools – allowing the mounting plate's position to be changed even faster. Other new features relate to the earthing: For example, the earthing bolts can now be inserted into the mounting plate from the front and then screwed down.

The new TS 8 system pitch pattern in the door frame allows the installation of tried and tested system acces-sories used inside the enclosure. Besides facilitating installation work, this also cuts storage costs. The new punchings ensure that the door is now even more suitable for use as a full mounting surface. This opens up a new dimension in space-saving interior installation.

Another innovation is the automatic potential equalization of the panels with bayed enclosure and free-standing enclosures. During assembly, the mounting elements press into the surface coating and establish a conductive connection. Benefits: The installation time is shortened; potential equalization is always achieved, while the frequent purchase and subsequent mounting of earth straps is a thing of the past.