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Reducing downtime, equipment failure
and energy use

Industry service can help you reduce overheating

Why is electrical enclosure cooling important?

  • Interruptions to production due to tripping or failing control components are costly
  • Temperature affects the correct operation and service life of electrical equipment
  • High temperatures that lead to tripping or failing control components are avoidable
  • 80 % of component failures may be addressed with a suitable cooling solution

Effect of temperature on equipment service life:







Principal causes of electrical equipment failure:







What is a thermal survey and how can it help you?

  • Components at risk from high temperatures are identified
  • Necessary cooling capacities/strategies and other improvements are recommended
  • Skilled engineers collect data using data loggers and thermographic equipment
  • Information and findings are presented in a written report

A health check of your cooling equipment includes:

  • Inspection by our experts
  • Reliable information regarding the actual condition of your devices
  • Efficiency calculation with potential savings and payback periods
  • Realistic proposals to improve value retention and energy efficiency
  • Service suggestions and offers tailored to your site

Survey prices*:

Half day, including summary of findings and recommendations - on request
Full day, including full written report - on request

* Reduce the cost of a survey by using our free thermal labels and sending the results to us for analysis.

Effective servicing of cooling units leads to:

  • Lower enclosure internal temperatures
  • Extended service life of installed equipment
  • Reduction in unplanned production downtime and its associated costs

Equipment condition over time
(with and without service):

Are your process chillers up to the job?

  • As part of a RiAssure3 survey, any process chillers are also inspected
  • Inadequate chilling of process cooling fluids could also impact production
  • Check now if your chillers are charged with R22 refrigerant
  • The use of R22 refrigerant was effectively banned on 1 January 2015

Rittal supply chillers for process cooling and can advise on:

  • Capacity requirements
  • System design
  • Redundancy
  • Energy saving technologies, e.g. free cooling, inverter controlled compressors


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