Regular EM fields

Shielding against regular electromagnetic interference fields

Interference fields can affect the device from the environment, and can also be generated during operation of the device itself and affect the environment. This applies both to industrial applications and to devices in the home environment.

The basic requirement for achieving electromagnetic compatibility in devices is therefore:

  • External interference fields

    Existence of a defined immunity to interference (protection against external interference fields)

  • Self-interference fields

    Prevention/reduction of emitted interference (protecting the environment from self-interference fields)

The sources or destinations of electromagnetic interference may include:

  • Power supply cords
  • Signal and control cables
  • Electrical and electronic assemblies that radiate electromagnetic fields or may be influenced by the same

However, even regular metallic enclosures offer good protection against electromagnetic interference fields for electrical devices.

In more than 95 percent of all applications, a Rittal standard enclosure has been proven to offer adequate shielding for electromagnetic compatibility.

For the shielding of particularly intensive electromagnetic interference fields, please read more here.

Further information

Link to the Mechatronik F&M article "Der EMV-gerechte Schaltschrank" (German only).