Cooling output certified
to EN 14511 by TÜV

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Cooling units with TÜV-certified performance

All TopTherm cooling units, which have nominal cooling capacities from 300 to 4,000 W, have been tested by the independent agency TÜV Nord against the latest version of the EN 14511:2012-01 standard. The entire range may now bear the corresponding mark of conformity.*

*not including units certified to ATEX (for zone 22) or to NEMA 4X.

Efficiency benefits

  • Cooling units are guaranteed to provide the cooling output you have paid for, giving you complete confidence when designing your climate control solution
  • Verified cooling outputs are up to 10% higher than previously claimed
  • Improved EER (energy efficiency ratio)
  • Commitment to annual voluntary inspections

Cooling units with TÜV-certified performance

Cooling output certified to EN 14511:2012-01 by TÜV

Rittal is the only manufacturer worldwide to have its entire range of enclosure cooling units tested against the latest EN standard.

About DIN EN 14511 2012-01

This European standard specifies test conditions for air-conditioning units, liquid chilling packages and heat pumps that use air, water or brine as the heat transfer fluid and employ electrically driven compressors for space heating and/or cooling. The standard also specifies conditions for testing multi-split systems used for heat recovery.

What's new?

In the product information:

  • In future, published cooling outputs will be expressed in kW rather than W. The verified cooling output, which is up to 10% higher than previously claimed, will be stated.
  • The term “useful cooling output” will be replaced by “total cooling output to EN 14511”.
  • In addition, the EER (energy efficiency ratio) will be stated.

On the cooling units:

  • The mark of conformity will be included on the rating plate
  • There will also be a mark of conformity label on every cooling unit

Calculation example

A 2,000 W cooling unit is operated in three shifts, seven days a week.

We compared this 2,000 W Rittal TopTherm cooling unit (with an EER of 2.4) with an equivalent unit from another manufacturer, which has an EER of 1.5.

In the first year of operation, the total cost of the competitor’s cooling unit, with a lower EER, is greater than that of the comparable Rittal TopTherm model due to high energy costs.

TÜV Nord’s comprehensive tests showed that all cooling units in Rittal’s TopTherm range achieved the rated values. In some cases, the cooling output was up to 10 % higher than the value previously specified.

For example, the Rittal TopTherm wall-mounted unit with a nominal cooling output of 2,000 W achieved a total cooling output of around 2,200 W.

The high energy efficiency of the units was also certified by TÜV Nord. The 230 V version of the unit mentioned earlier has an EER of 2.40 at 50 Hz and therefore the electrical consumption is only about 900 W.