KUKA Industries: Magnetarc welding machines come with Rittal TS 8 enclosures

Magnetarc welding machines from KUKA Industries deliver unparalleled precision and exceptional weld quality. The electrical and electronic components of these state-of-the-art processing systems are housed in Rittal TS 8 enclosures.

“Having an enclosure that’s deployable anywhere means we don’t have to custom-engineer each unit to specific requirements. And that reduces our production costs.” Robert Hummel, Electrical Design, KUKA Industries

TS 8 deployed from the start

KUKA Industries has employed TS 8 enclosures with the Magnetarc ever since its launch in 1999. The feature that sealed the deal was the TS 8 system’s symmetrical design in every dimension, offering unlimited scope for extension. Enclosures can easily be added to a bayed suite as needed

TS 8 – the established standard

KUKA Industries is a supplier to the automotive sector, so all components must fulfil very high quality standards. Every part used in production processes is validated. Leading carmakers have adopted Rittal’s TS 8 enclosure system as standard in all their plants, which is of major benefit to KUKA Industries. It affords the manufacturer greater access to worldwide markets, and also creates cost efficiencies. Prefabricated subassemblies and Eplan design software simplify and accelerate the planning and engineering of enclosures – including Rittal cooling units and command panel solutions.

Rapid after-sales service worldwide

Welding machines from KUKA Industries are deployed worldwide, so a component supplier with matching capabilities and reach is a must. Rittal markets its extremely popular TS 8 enclosure system through 58 international subsidiaries. Products can be delivered at short notice from some 90 warehouse locations.