Off-the-peg data centres

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RiMatrix S is a revolutionary alternative to custom-designed data centres.

2013-01-29. Today’s data centres are increasingly offering cloud-based services – location-independent and for a multitude of devices. There is a clear trend towards the “Shareconomy”, the theme of this year’s CeBIT. At this event, Rittal will be showcasing RiMatrix S – the world’s first solution for standardised data centres – on stand E06 in hall 11. The company will also be presenting a host of new and improved products.

Cloud services have become part and parcel of many people’s lives – in the shape of social networks, photo-sharing platforms and e-mail. Users now enjoy anywhere access to information and apps via a whole array of devices, including tablets, smartphones and PCs, plus LAN, WLAN and 3G. Rittal is well placed to respond to this paradigm shift, and the impact it is having on data-centre operators worldwide. At CeBIT 2013, Rittal will present its end-to-end solutions for enterprises large and small, including IT racks, power distribution and climate control systems, security solutions, software and services. Whatever the data-centre challenge, Rittal has the right answer.

A world first unveiled at CeBIT

Rittal’s RiMatrix S is a global first that opens up completely new possibilities for the IT industry. A time-saving alternative to custom-designed data-centres, it features a set of preconfigured, fully compatible data-centre modules with defined power consumption and efficiency ratings. This makes them ideal for SMEs, who benefit from short lead times and the ability to tailor the modules to existing building infrastructure. RiMatrix S is a well-coordinated ensemble of racks, climate-control devices, power backup and distribution systems, and monitoring equipment.

“Rittal is the first company to offer a modular, standardised data centre in the shape of a single, complete solution”, says Christoph Caselitz, Chief of Customer Operations Rittal. “This benefits our customers by minimising planning effort, cutting lead and installation times, and accelerating commissioning.” Thanks to standardised data-centre modules and fully compatible components, RiMatrix S boasts remarkably low PUE (power usage effectiveness). The first customer to pilot the system is iNNOVO Cloud, a company that provides SMEs with cloud solutions that meet the stringent quality requirements of the banking industry.

Modulsafe Level E for high-security cells

In many instances, the truly critical data that requires total protection resides in just a few isolated systems. Modulsafe Level E is ideal for this purpose, and will be presented at CeBIT 2013. This is an enhanced version of the existing Safe platform. The enclosure creates a complete security zone around a 19-inch rack, keeping practically any physical threat at bay. A key new feature is the use of Rittal’s new TS IT server rack in place of the TS 8.

Smart protection mechanisms, including sensors and monitoring software, maximise uptime. Innovations making their debut at CeBIT include the smart PDU socket strip and the Computer Multi Control (CMC) III monitoring system. The PDUs in the IT Power series comprise a whole family of socket strips, ranging from basic to high-end (managed) models, including current measurement capability for each output. This attractively priced, entry-level product is a useful addition to Rittal’s long-established modular PSM range.

Great visibility into the server-room environment

The Computer Multi Control (CMC) III captures a variety of metrics via an intelligent bus system, and makes the results available for analysis by network administrators. But the CMC III also operates independently – issuing alerts or notifying predefined contacts. Rittal offers a broad choice of sensors for use with the CMC III. These range from infrared intrusion detectors, leakage and smoke detectors to digital inputs and outputs and humidity and airflow sensors.

Rittal has also made enhancements to its climate control products. In particular, the company will be showcasing a flexible solution created specifically for SMEs. The LCP DX (Liquid Cooling Package, Direct Expansion) can dissipate between three and 12 kW of power loss via an integrated chiller, and comes in two versions (rack-based and row-based), making it extremely versatile. The equipment is ideal for environments where only a few components require cooling, and a chilled-water system would be prohibitively expensive.

Caption 2: Christoph Caselitz is Chief of Customer Operations at Rittal.