Easy-to-assemble distribution enclosure with a high protection category

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Rittal shows what easy-to-assemble solutions look like with its distribution enclosures of the Ri4Power modular system.

2012-08-09. Distribution enclosures (ISV) are central components of the electrical infrastructure in buildings, data centres and industrial plants. Consumers are supplied with low-voltage electrical energy from them. Rittal shows what easy-to-assemble solutions look like with its distribution enclosures of the Ri4Power modular system. Thanks to the high protection categories, this innovation is ideal for use in tough environments.

Depending on the consumer, different types of components have to be accommodated in a distribution enclosure. Typical examples include switching and protective devices, terminals, bus-mounting fuse bases or NH slimline fuse-switch disconnectors. To fit all the components needed, the modular system should be designed for flexibility, making assembly work easy and efficient. Rittal meets this demand with its new Ri4Power distribution enclosures that offer many advantages, especially in terms of assembly. The ISV can be used both as standing enclosures as well as wall-mounted distributors and excel by way of the great variety of enclosure versions available. It can also be used under difficult ambient conditions.

Rittal's distribution enclosures are based on the standard Rittal TS 8 enclosure and the AE wall-mounted enclosure. This means that both stainless steel and painted sheet steel enclosures can be chosen from the standard range. In addition, the ISV also meets protection requirements: TS 8 enclosures comply with the IP 55 protection class, AE enclosures with IP 66.

Special built-in modules are available for installing the components needed. The modular units consist of individual sets, which can be easily and quickly mounted on the support frame. The different module sizes are sorted according to height units (U) of 150 mm and width units of 250 mm. Depth-adjustable mounting levels allow easy adjustment of the devices to the cut-outs in the covers, so avoiding the need for expensive special designs.

Matching expansion modules are also available for NH fused-switch disconnectors of size NH 00 to NH 3. With the new power circuit breaker modules, allows the latest switchgear from ABB, Eaton, Schneider Electric and Siemens bearing up to build 630A can be installed with only two different module sizes. Each module's cover has quick-release fasteners that allow the removal or placement of a contact hazard protection cover in seconds. Lead seals can also be separately attached.

Another advantage is the removable support frame of the distributor frame. This allows all the devices to be taken out, and the wiring can also be easily and ergonomically implemented outside of the enclosure. After completing the wiring, the support frame with all its devices is easily installed in the enclosure and secured by bolts. To save costs, the support frame is composed of only those stays that are actually required. The manufacturer has avoided using obstructive profile stays, while still ensuring the flexibility needed for expansion. The user thus has more space available to install additional devices and equipment. With the new 750 mm wide (3 width units) modules, a large number of devices can be accommodated with little need for mounting accessories.